About Us


We are 2 people who like beer and try to brew it.

One of us is called Matt and the other is called James. Hence BrewJaM .  James and Matt.  Geddit?

This is us posing for the camera.

Matt has the far greater brewing knowledge out of the two and living on a farm has the space for all the equipment.  Matt works in the drinks industry.

Anyways here is a photo of Matt trying to take a photo of me (James) sparging but instead was taking photos of his own face.

James is pretty new to the home brewing process, with his first all grain brew being just over a year ago.  He currently lives in London and travels to Wellingborough for all his AG brewing.  He also usually has a keg of some kit on the bubble in his flat in London as that is about all he has space to make.

Here is a photo of James adding yeast to a brew.  Since Matt took the photo you have the top of his head and a shoe.


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