Our Equipment


With our equipment combined, we are BrewJam

HLT / Boiler

2 x 50L – Stainless Beer keg Boilers

2 x 8.5kw Propane Burner on stands.

18L Electric Burco Boiler

New 2012 addition Electric HLT – for improved temp control of strike / sparge water (and to pre-heat in advance when using the built in thermowell plus a PID controller.)

Electric HLT (3kw domestic element)

Mash Tun

57L  Igloo Cooler with 22mm copper slotted bottom

Homemade “H-frame” 22mm sparge arm with slots cut in it.

The emphasis of the brewery through developments over the last 5yrs is “flexibility.” Nothing has been made cumbersome, over complicated or permanently fixed so ultimately the gear is robust and reliable. We all have little mishaps every now and again.

We reckon that the Mash-tun is good for 20kg of Grain with head-space for fly sparging too. At 75% efficiency we can produce 100L of beer at 5% ABV. Giving us the flexibility of dividing the wort into up to 2 or 4 different brews, with different hops / yeasts etc. Currently we are mainly producing 42L brews, this is plenty of beer for just the 2 of us to consume and TBH no more hassle than making a standard 23L (5Gal UK) brew. With the possibility of pooling our equipment – future expansion of boiler space / fermenters shouldn’t be an issue. 2 heads and 2 pairs of hands are definitely better than one. The 18L Electic Boiler is very useful for doughing-in up to 12kg of grain and is very flexible for smaller brews, a larger electric boiler with a temperature controller would be ideal in the future as an HLT upgrade.


As our brews get bigger – the liquor gets harder to move around the brewery. So the pump is becoming a real back-saver. As this is magnetically coupled, a ball valve on the outlet allows flow control without damaging the pump.

Shurflo “heat tolerant” pump

Wort Chiller

Matt got skint and sold the Blichman “therminator” so now it’s down to two Cornelius plate heat exchangers (beer coolers) running in series. Works just as good at 1/4 the price.

Twin cornelius plate heat exchangers



Plastic buckets with taps, or standard brewing fermenters with narrrow necks. Mostly 25L. Between us we currently have 6 good ones.

We are currently looking at increasing fermenter sizes, due to this sometimes happening:


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